Identify if the Screen Replacement You Opted was Genuine or Not


09th Feb 2024

One of the biggest reasons behind the acceptance, popularity, and preferred iPhones is its backing technology. Apple always comes up with innovative and aspiring technology in its devices that help people get introduced to new and better. Along with this, it aims to improve user experience with its devices. iPhones were, are, and will be one of the most anticipated smartphones in the market. However, even after owning a high-performance smartphone, iPhone owners experience a few problems. Mostly, those concerns are associated with iPhone screens.

Core Concerns:

iPhone shifted to an OLED screen when it introduced the iPhone X. It enhanced user experience drastically. OLED displays are thinner and more power-efficient. But when these displays get damaged, the real concern begins. Finding a genuine repair or replacement screen replacement service turned out to be challenging. However, after getting replacement services, how can you figure out whether the screen replaced is a genuine one or not?

Key Differences to Spot:

iPhone displays perform brilliantly because they are engineered along with iOS software. If you suspect the screen replacement is non-genuine, you can pay attention to these factors.

Multi-Touch Factor:

Apple developed responsive and reflexive multi-touch features for iPhones. The screen quickly responds to the multi-touch feature. However, after screen replacement, you might observe issues with multi-touch. Everyone's experience doesn't need to be the same. But this issue is likely to occur if a nongenuine screen replaced your original iPhone screen. Along with this, you might also observe missed touch signals, registered touch during calls, etc. These might be the signs of a nongenuine replacement.

Colour and Brightness Issues:

iPhone displays are unbeatable when it comes to colour accuracy, white balance, and high brightness. Along with this, True Tone, Haptic Touch, and Night Shift brought enhanced quality and user experience to devices. You can observe some differences in colours and brightness if the screen replacement service deceives you. You can observe that the maximum brightness is not like before. True tone features seem to work inefficiently after the replacement. Also, you might observe degraded light sensor functions. All these issues indicate that you might not have a genuine iPhone screen replacement.

There is an excellent way to stay away from such situations. Make sure to choose the right service in the first place.

Screens Refurbished should always be your first option for genuine screen replacements.

Hurry and check it out now!

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