Easily Detect if the Replaced Display of Your iPhone was Genuine or Not


21st Feb 2024

iPhone screen damage is way too common. People often register their requests for screen repair and replacement due to these concerns. However, iPhone owners have to deal with another complication. They have to be sure that the screen replaced for their iPhone device is genuine. There are many non-genuine screen replacement services available. And they often deceive iPhone users. Well, there is an easy way to detect if you got a genuine screen replacement or not. Here's what you need to do.

Steps to Check:

First, unlock your iPhone and go to settings. There you will find a category called 'General' and click on it. In the middle, you will see 'Parts and Service History,' where you can find the 'Display' option. After screen replacement, if you check it, you can find out about genuine display replacement. If the technician replaced the screen with a genuine iPhone display, you will find 'Genuine Apple Part' written on the side. Otherwise, it will display 'Unknown Part.' It is one of the easiest ways to find out about screen replacement.

This 'Unknown Part' alert can appear in different cases. Keep reading to find them out.

In the case of Non-Genuine Displays:

People do not know much about genuine display replacements. It is the technician's responsibility to inform users about it. Many times, people receive non-genuine replacement services, deliberately and non-deliberately. When the screen replacement is non-genuine, you will find the 'Unknown Part' alert in general device information.

In the case of Used Display:

iPhones are very sensitive when it comes to their parts. It can detect errors in an instant. Many people do not go for genuine display replacements due to cost issues. Replacement displays can be a bit expensive. In such instances, many people go for pre-used iPhone screens for replacement. They are cheaper and genuine. However, even if you replace the iPhone display with a genuine display, which was used in another device earlier, you will find an 'Unknown Part' alert.

In the case of Improper Functioning:

Genuine Apple parts work efficiently. Therefore, it is easy to detect them. However, non-genuine or improper replacement can cause many problems. You can find the same 'Unknown Part' alert in the settings if the replacement was not done properly. The device will detect it by observing improper screen functioning.

If you do not want to see this alert in your iPhones, make sure to get a genuine display replacement from a reliable service. Screens Refurbished is the service you need. You can trust this service.

So, check it out now!

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