Apple OLED Display: A Perfect Improvement in iPhone Units


17th Jan 2024

Apple introduced the iPhone X on its tenth anniversary. And with this, it introduced an improved technology for iPhone display, i.e., OLED. The display technology evolved to be better, and its introduction to Apple iPhones was overwhelming. The OLED display in iPhones turned out to be better than expected. It delivered excellent results and satisfied users massively. Here is why OLED screens are considered a big part of modern display technology.

Thinner Display:

It is quite common for brands and manufacturers to go with a thin display design. The option has its own perks. For instance, it creates more explicit images. Typically, the picture becomes less clear when the light has to pass through many glass layers (thick displays). Therefore, brands have been choosing this option to deliver users an authentic and exquisite experience. OLED displays are thinner compared to screens of previous iPhone models. It also helped reduce the weight of the unit. Along with this, the company has the edge of replacing smaller batteries with bigger ones because of the space requirement of thin OLED batteries. Hence, thinner displays brought many changes to the device and user experience.

Power Efficiency:

OLED display technology is quite brilliant. It uses self-illuminating pixels, which eliminates the requirement of backlighting. On the other hand, LCD screens need backlighting, which is the reason behind high power consumption. All these reasons reduce the need for higher power consumption in devices with OLED screens. iPhone makers went ahead with this technology to improve the power efficiency of the devices. This technology helped them provide a brighter display without consuming more power. All these reasons made OLED displays more suitable for iPhone devices. The users would never want to lose such a display at any cost.

Concerns for Every iPhone User:

Damaged displays are one of the biggest concerns for iPhone users. The cost of screen replacement is high. Along with this, getting a replacement as good as the original OLED display is challenging. These are the reasons why you see many iPhone users still going ahead with the damaged display. However, there is a brilliant way to get rid of this problem. Screen refurbishment is one of the many options you can go for. Screen refurbishments are affordable and ensure the restoration of the original Apple OLED screen. Hence, it is one of the finest solutions for iPhone users.

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