Forward-thinking iPhone Screen Refurbishment, Repair & Replacement in the UK

At Screens Refurbished, we specialize in iPhone refurbishment, screen repair and original Apple screen replacement services across the UK. We offer a top-quality solution for your cracked iPhone screen, restoring your device to its optimal condition whilst maintaining the original quality your device deserves. Refurbish your iPhone with our forward-thinking, eco-friendly, expert approach to screen repairs by choosing a refurbishment. A seamless, eco-friendly nationwide post-in repair solution.

Our Post-In Service

How Does It Work?


Configure Your Repair

Select your device model and choose your delivery speed


Book Online

Enter your delivery address and book online.


Post Your Device

Send in your device using our pre-paid packaging or your own.


Refurbished & Returned

Your device is refurbished and returned to your delivery address.

Why Refurbish

Why Refurbish Instead of Replace?

Keep Your Original Apple Screen

Retain Face ID

Maintain a High Resale Value


What Our Customers Think

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Outsource your screen refurbishment work to the best in the business and see exponential growth in your store profits. Get in touch now to find out how we're helping hundreds of businesses around the UK.